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    Being able to speak freely and safely is essential for a healthy work environment. Our Trust & Safety programmes tackle the challenges organisations face within the complex realms of psychological safety. When individuals, teams and organisations as a whole feel safe to speak their minds, ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary - as individuals and as a team.


    Fostering psychological safety for candid conversations

    Psychological safety is permission to have candid conversations on all levels based on trust.

    We embrace the thought leadership and working methods of Amy Edmondson on psychological safety. Amy is a Harvard Business School professor who defines psychological safety as ‘a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking”.

    Agility, problem-solving, innovation and team effectiveness all start with psychological safety.

    Psychological safety has many facets. Besides measuring scales of diversity, absenteeism, employee engagement and retention, it also encompasses how employees feel and experience:

    • Willingness to Help
    • Inclusion & Diversity
    • Attitude Towards Risk & Failure
    • Open Conversation

    Unlock the full potential of your organisation by creating a safe and vibrant place to work.

  • The key take-aways

    Creating a holding space for open dialogue, courageous conversations and trust (again). Addresses social safety. From misconduct to trust.

  • Our experts in Trust & Safety

    Trust & Safety
    Corporate wellbeing

    With embracing a global perspective, she emphasizes connectivity and inclusivity in society. Her dream is to ensure access to development and opportunities for all, particularly supporting future leaders and empowering young professionals from non-Western backgrounds.

    Senior Business Developer
    Business Development

    Kristin is a seasoned specialist in learning and development, sustainability strategy, and international business development. With over 20 years of experience, her mission at Peak4 is to drive personal development within organizations and build lasting client relationships focused on positive impact.

    Learning & Development Manager

    An organizational psychologist specializing in Talent Development, gained valuable experience in talent acquisition and learning & development roles. With a deep-rooted curiosity for human behavior and a strong connection to nature, Marieke finds fulfillment in guiding young professionals and rejuvenates in beach and forest walks.

  • What we offer

    Our programmes and modules are designed to address and improve psychological safety within your organisation, tailored to your specific needs and position on the spectrum. With a team of experienced learning and development professionals and a quality network of certified experts in psychology and legal fields, we provide comprehensive solutions to tackle psychological safety issues. Additionally, our Trust & Safety proposition allows for the creation of customised programmes that modularly integrate into existing programmes.

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