• Corporate Wellbeing

    The spectrum of wellbeing is broad. From physical fitness and nutrition, to coping with stress, to integrating personal values into work. All of these components contribute to individual wellbeing and therefore better performance of teams and your organisation as a whole.


    health & performance

    We strongly believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing. One that considers every aspect, from physical fitness and nutrition to coping with stress, to integrating personal values into work. Moreover, we embrace the vision that wellbeing can be improved only if tackled at individual, team and organisational levels simultaneously. As a result, improved wellbeing will not only strengthen resilience, job satisfaction and performance, but also mitigate the incidence of illness and turnover, ultimately building a healthier and more productive workforce.

  • The key take-aways

    Employees who are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy are more productive and perform at a higher level. This reduces absenteeism and increases work efficiency.

  • The theories & Models we work with


    Our programs are rooted in the latest scientific theories, proven methodologies, and models tailored for team development and performance. Drawing from psychology, neuroscience, and organisational behaviour, we equip teams to unlock their full potential and propel organisational success.

    Some key tools and theories employed in these programs include:

    Energy Battery

    Theory U

    Perma-V model

  • For Whom?

    Tailored solutions

    Our programmes are particularly suitable for organisations looking for an experienced sparring partner for advice, analysis, specific interventions and a fully customised programme.

    We target companies looking for high-quality evidence-based interventions with a holistic view of corporate wellbeing.

  • Our experts in corporate wellbeing

    Wanno Wardenaar
    Learning & Development Manager
    Corporate Wellbeing
    Wanno Wardenaar

    An organizational psychologist specialized in Leadership and Corporate Wellbeing. He sees personal leadership as vital for excellence and loves blending scientific theory with proven practice. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities like running, surfing or cycling, recognizing their role in fostering vitality and personal growth.

    Learning & Development Coordinator
    Corporate Wellbeing

    With a background in occupational and organizational psychology focusing on sport and performance psychology, Wouter excels in guiding individuals in personal development and sustainable employability. Passionate about the outdoors and sporting challenges, he aims to specialize in nature-based program guidance.

    Trust & Safety
    Corporate wellbeing

    With embracing a global perspective, she emphasizes connectivity and inclusivity in society. Her dream is to ensure access to development and opportunities for all, particularly supporting future leaders and empowering young professionals from non-Western backgrounds.

  • More information?

    Curious about our training programs and want to learn more? Reach out to schedule a personalised consultation. During this conversation, we'll co-create the program that aligns best with your needs, based on your situation, questions, and desired development.

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