Quirine Pleyte, partner

For the past twelve years I have been designing programs supporting businesses in order to improve the individual, team and organizational performances.

By taking people away from their routine and making movement possible, both literally as well as metaphorically, has an enormous effect on the way of thinking and communicating. My purpose is to support people in their aspirations, in order to achieve more in their personal lives as well as in their working lives. Encouraging one to challenge one selves, their colleagues and their organization to realise a better and more fulfilling performance. This is directly recognizable in athletic achievements as well as in business. This occupies my daily life giving me much pleasure, working with the Peak4 team gives me a lot of energy.

I am one of the four partners, living a lovely life with Roland de Vlam, and our daughters Milou and Sem. 


Gijs Groeneveld, partner

What does one need to perform to ones optimum and to let others reach their peak? This is the essential question in the world of sports, extreme expeditions as well as in business. 

For me performing has many different aspects. Our rowing expedition, from New York to Rotterdam, was all about growth and the end result. Seven days of running through the desert was about enjoyment. The interconnection was an incentive for my wife, Michelle and me to travel into the mountains and to deliver Bruun into this world.

Peak4 gives me the stage to design programs to guide executives and managers, achieving concrete results from positive energy and an authentic connection. 


Dirk Loots, partner

I am one of the founders of Peak4. From my own experiences in professional sports, both as a player and coach, and from my working experience, I have always been fascinated by what it takes for individuals and teams to reach a peak performance.

Together with a great team, this keeps us busy every day. A privilege.

I am married to Leonie de Lorijn, and father to Fien, Jans and Abe. 


Floris Evers, partner

In my living room I have a painting of an old man with a beard and a walking stick. ‘Aun Aprendo’, I am still learning. In my opinion the learning process is endless. Personal growth is my passion. Achieving the most out of ones self and your team is a joy. Not simple, but an everyday challenge.

I am thankful to my experiences in the Olympics. Next to my sports career, I completed a Master in History and started working as consultant. After winning a second Olympic silver medal as the captain of the team, I went on a trip around the world.

I strive to help improve people’s performance in a sustainable manner within my role at Peak4.

I live together with my girlfriend Cato in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. 






Edith Bosch

‘The first step towards change is awareness.’

Positivity, energy, inspiration, growth and the phrase nothing is impossible describe me. Guiding people to accomplish their highest goals gives me pleaure. Self-awareness is the first step questioning who am I? What do I want? What do I need?

To work with the Peak4 team, helping individuals and organizations to make these steps, achieve their goals and celebrate these triumphs is my challenge.

With pride I look back on my 3 Olympic medals and winning the television program “Expeditie Robinson”.


Dorine Hurenkamp

As a project manager I find it important to pay close attention to the client and their wishes. For that matter we can combine our expertise and creativity to provide an adaptive program for the client. The dynamics involved in the programs give me a burst of energy. Peak4 gives me the freedom to apply my skills every day, and to develop these to the fullest. 

Together with a great team, we exchange knowledge and challenge each other. I enjoy being physically active in my spare time, which I do by playing volleyball. One day I will travel around the world, that is one of my biggest dreams.  


Jan Moolenaar

As a project manager at Peak4, I see myself as a link between colleagues, clients, team members and suppliers. 

With pleasure I combine what I learned during my study, Sociology with my work experience in the logistic field and my passion for traveling. By taking individuals, teams and organizations out of ones comfort zone, one finds room for innovation. I enjoy organizing these unique and exceptional journeys together as a team.  

In my spare time I like sports such as football, running and yoga and exploring the world with my girlfriend.


Sabrina Saytes

What motivates one individually and in a group process? What is the origin of ones behavior and how do you get the best out of the individual?

For me organizing and creative tasks generate energy. Being aware of the progress within the group, able to anticipate if needed and ensuring a perfect result. The logistic of which contribute to the flow of the group. The combination of the different components of behavior while working in a dynamic organization.  

I am privileged working with Peak4, being challenged by the team and the ambitions of the clients. 


Jeroen van Schaveren

Stimulating people is something that makes me happy. Where concepts like growth, outdoor activities and self-awareness play an important role. There are various ways of achieving these goals. 

One way is by designing logistic programs for leadership and innovation projects, something I do with Peak4. When there is a breeze, I like to spend my time on the beach, kitesurfing,  my new hobby.

With my partner, Rika, I have two daughters; Manouk and Lyla.



Omid Soltani

As an energy coach I focus on training sessions which are all about energy. My goal is to inspire the participants to get the most out of themselves and their teams. 

With my positive energy, I hope to motivate people and empower them to find their passion in life. My mission is to contribute to a good and happy feeling by increasing the energy level and finding the right balance between what feels as important and what they really want in life. 

For quite some years, Peak4 and I make a good team. I enjoy actuating people and teams to move and live an active life.

I am thankful for being healthy, for realising the many opportunities we have in this country and for the beautiful life I share with my wife, Shanna and son Junior. 




Lauren Stam

Being a part of a team brings a lot of energy for me. This has been my experience as part of the first team of the Amsterdam Hockey Club and also with Peak4. In both teams, I feel challenged to further develop myself, to work harder and to perform as a whole.

When I started working for Peak4, I started in the administrative tasks. Today I have a supportive role in the logistics of the projects, together with the project managers.

A part from working and playing hockey, I have received my Bachelors degree in Dutch Law.




Suzanne Wentink

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Four pillars from where the individual and team performance programs are build. As a project manager I may contribute to that. 

Generating energy, creating connection and creating scope for awareness contributes to special moments for individuals and teams. How do I get the most out of myself and my team? Who am I and where does my behaviour originates from? 
My contribution to the programs, getting a group going and establish real connection and change gives me a burst of energy. 


Martijn van Westerop

Having a positive impact on people and organizations, with a focus on the individual, is the basis of everything I do. Applying my expertise from the business as well as from sports. I am an external professional at Peak4 and am involved in several programs, from the process of designing until execution for the different clients. 

I have a wide area of interests and curiosity. With a focus on performance and development in my work, education is also a part of that. Often with an international dimension, which makes it more interesting and fun. This was one of the reasons that I lived in Switzerland for a period with my wife, Geeske and our children, son Mees and daughter Jip. This was an amazing adventure for the four of us. 


Steven Louwerse

“Everything will be all right”

As a logistic contributor at Peak4 I am a silent force behind the scenes. 

Together with the project team I make sure that, whatever happens, the program will run smoothly. 

By anticipating and improvising and finding an ideal combination of these two is something I find enjoyable. The fact that every challenge I face is different is something that I really enjoy about working with Peak4.